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Discover how Yoga can transform your personal power.



Explore your higher self by diving deeper into self-study.



When you embody your True North, that’s when the Magic happens.

Yoga Spirit Magic supports you on the journey of self-study through the practice of Yoga and Shamanism. Kelly Marie Dawson shares in the wisdom passed down from her master teachers. Classes, workshops and retreats are invitations to reduce stress, and anxiety through the practice. Our relationship with nature and the medicine offered to us within the seen and unseen can release blocked energies and open the spiritual journey to a happier and healthier life.

Weekly Yoga Classes

Permission to Pause

Yoga Nidra class is perfect for releasing tension, stress and anxiety we hold in our bodies.

Gentle Yoga

Release the stress and tension through gentle movements.

4 Direction Meditation

The Four Directions is a moving meditation. Setting an intention and building a relationship with self.

Breathing Deeper

Breathing techniques that open your relationship with Prana " Life Force"

Chakra Yoga

Open your energy centers and discover your personal journey through the Chakras.

Warrior Dance

Warrior Dance is a sequence of poses that encourages strength, focus, confidence and courage.

Shamanic Journey

An ancient proverb states “It takes a brave soul to walk the planet Earth.”

The hero’s journey is a mythical quest. Myths are clues to the spiritual potential of human life.

What myth do you hold as a compass on your spiritual quest?



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