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Eagle Pose

I stand in Tadasana Mountain Pose. Hands in prayer at my heart center, eyes in a soft gaze. I repeat my Sankalpa, my intention for my practice. ” I am free from suffering” I root my feet down into the mat, solid on the Earth. I am supported. My legs are strong, breath steady. My gaze becomes more intentional. In yoga, we call this Point of Focus “Drishti.”  I began to prepare myself for balance. I will fly with the Eagle as I tap into my inner core. My will and desire to hold this pose with grace and ease. This is my practice.

I begin to bend my left knee and lift my left foot off of the mat. My right leg, solid, stable and rooted. My left foot tucks under my right calf muscle, and I bring my legs together as I engage the muscles of my belly to the back of my spine. I draw my left elbow under my right and touch my palms together. The elbows come down towards my heart, and I begin to drop my hips lower. The backside of my body is opening. I find the steadiness in my breath. I let go of my Ego. I pause to notice what is coming up for me.

For Generations, Native American tribes have associated Eagle with vision, wisdom, and strength. Unafraid of the unknown, these seekers accept life’s challenges with courage, determination, and confidence. I witness myself in the mirror as I see my reflection. I am like the Eagle. The courage and discipline to overcome the imbalances in my life. Many students have fallen out of the pose. I stand strong and determined to stay in the pose. Twisting and bringing my body in perfect alignment. I focused on one thing. My gaze. I stare at myself in the mirror. I feel empowered and begin to believe in myself. Just breath and focus, I repeat to myself. I am invited to come out of the pose and do the same on the other side. As I begin to fly into position and the Eagle as my guide, I become graceful as I flow all at once into the Pose.

I am reminded to never give up. To keep coming back to the center, even when I fall out of the pose. To start again and again until I master this journey we call Life. I see Eagle medicine as a place to connect with Spirit. My Breath and my body will support me till it can’t. I am grateful for the lessons in this pose. To stay humble and keep spreading my wings. “I am free from suffering.”

Namaste KMD

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